About Us

What can we say -- we are FairySisters, we have a goal to be the one-stop-shop for gifts suitable for all occasions and moments. We add a personal touch to our curation that makes us stand out from the crowd. 

We understand that warm feeling that people get when they receive gifts and we go the extra mile to ensure that feeling. From consultation to gifting to delivery, we are on top of our game 100%.

We started officially in 2012, and unofficially way before then when we first began to understand the meaning and reason behind well-intended gifts, and the emotions they provoke. We have been doing this longer than we can even remember.


The Team

We are the fairy sisters. We would show you our wands and wings, but, that’s against the fairy laws. We are here to make your gifting dreams come true.


Funmilola Aderemi

Funmilola is a gifts enthusiast and a creative. She has amassed experience in the product management field as a product manager in multiple organizations and sectors.  In her daily work life, she deals with customers and is tasked with managing their satisfaction and ensuring that they get the best service ... with a success rate of over  95%.


Teniola Tunde-Oni

Teniola is also a gifts enthusiast who comes from a long line of gift connoisseurs. She is a pharmacist by profession. As a fairy sister, she ensures we get the best quality items that surely please our customers, and that each gift is wrapped with love. Her keen attention to gifting details is a major reason why our customers are always happy with their decision to trust us.


Our Values

Happy customers, happy us

On-time delivery always

Best prices without compromise

The client knows best